Stockholm United is for you who are young and paperless. We're a free zone, a place to meet and have fun together.

Join our camp!

Join our camp!

Every summer, Stockholm United organizes a camp that is about a week long.

We at Stockholm United meet during the year and make fun things together. In the summer we also have a package for young people. Common to all children and young people who are members of Stockholm United are that they are or have been paperless, seeking asylum or other residence permits in Sweden.

Do you want to join? Learn more about our business? Or ask questions about young paperless? Contact us. 

Join our camp!

Do you want to go on a cruise? The package is for you who are young and paperless. In short, we will post more information. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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With us one can believe in what religion one wants and hate in any party.

Would you like to join the group, do you know someone you think would like it? Are you looking forward to a summer vacation but want to know more? Are you interested in becoming a leader? Please contact us.

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